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PU magazine
Issue 02/2024

Issue 02/2024 will be published in August, 2024.

It will highlight:

1) Latest Industry News
2) UTECH Europe Review
3) CPI Preview

and much more


What is the new PU magazine ?

The new PU magazine is your  independent and neutral go-to source of information for the polyurethane processing and producing industries. The PU magazine covers industry news and technical articles from the whole polyurethane supply / value chain, starting with building blocks and raw materials to processing and machinery down to OEMs and final applications. It  covers areas relevant to a variety of industries, such as automotive, furniture, building & construction, sport & leisure, shoes, electronics and many more.

The magazine dives into all aspects of the material, ranging from flexible and rigid foams to additives, sealings, coatings, and adhesives as well as thermoplastic polyurethanes. It touches on new developments in the field as well as topics of sustainability, be that energy savings and machine optimisation, or innovative raw materials and recycling – everything from and in between the beginning of life and end of life.

This new publication is supported by industry experts under the guidance of Editor-in-Chief Dr Wolfgang Friederichs to make the PU magazine the source of information about polyurethane that you always wanted, and that the industry desperately needs. The magazine combines traditional values and modern innovation by being available both in print and online – it will also soon be complimented by a newsletter. The target audience consists of all players of the industry on a worldwide scale.

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