PU magazine (polyurethane magazine) is a new publication of Polymedia Publisher.

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Daily News

PU magazine's Daily News is an online resource for readers seeking a polyurethane community that answers the need for reliable news and informative content with immediate appeal. Together with the printed and online PU magazine, and the new, biweekly PU magazine newsletter, it offers a platform for professionals in the industry to reach out to prospective partners, suppliers and customers across the globe.

The PU magazine newsletter  (coming soon) reaches a targeted audience of a few thousand international polyurethane professionals across all continents. The platform offers advertisers the power to create integrated campaigns, built on interaction between the different media channels and taking advantage of the different strengths of each. For advertisers, a perfect means to add value to opportunity.

Online Archive

The Online Archive  (coming soon) contains all previously published issues of PU magazine (published by Polymedia Publisher). We are working on a possibility to offer access to older (Gupta) issues as well. In addition to browsing older issues, you can use the search function to find articles about a certain topic or to browse the different categories.

Suppliers Guide

The Suppliers Guide (coming soon) is an indispensable sourcing and supplier platform for polyurethane products, raw materials or services - and a simple and effective way for your company or institution to get found. To find out more and to get listed in the Suppliers Guide with your company logo and contact information, click here Media Data.


The 3 issues in 2024 will be published free of charge

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