27. Mar 2024

Pearl Group introduces advanced tamper-proof labels to enhance product security and trust

Pearl Group introduces advanced tamper-proof labels to enhance product security and trust

Pearl Group, a global leader in polyurethane (PU) insulation solutions and other PU-based applications, has launched new tamper-proof labels across its entire product range in a significant move to combat counterfeiting and ensure the integrity of its products.

These state-of-the-art labels are designed to build trust among Pearl’s customers, partners and end-users, prevent the circulation of counterfeit products, and improve the traceability of products using drum-specific QR codes.

The tamper-proof labels offer new security features, including holograms and anti-counterfeiting drum-specific QR codes, making it easier for customers and distributors to identify and verify the authenticity of Pearl’s products. Unique QR codes for every drum significantly reduce the risk of counterfeit products being mistaken for Pearl products, as labels on counterfeit products are often copied and will be more easily identifiable as they will not have the unique drum-specific QR code that Pearl will issue for every drum. This two-fold label initiative underscores the company's commitment to maintaining the industry's highest standards of quality and safety.

The use of poor-quality or counterfeit polyurethane systems can lead to reduced performance and durability of products, increased safety risks due to potential failure in critical applications, and environmental hazards from substandard materials. These counterfeit products may not meet the regulatory standards and specifications required for specific uses, leading to premature wear and breakdowns and potentially causing accidents or injuries in applications where reliable performance is crucial.

"Pearl is dedicated to ensuring our customers receive only the highest quality, authentic products. It’s not just luxury high street and retail brands that need to protect themselves from counterfeiting but any brand that offers high-quality products with the potential to have a positive impact on people’s lives. Over the past 35 years, we’ve built a reputation for researching and developing high-quality polyurethane systems that meet internationally recognised quality standards. Our new tamper-proof labels are a testament to our commitment to quality, safety, and innovation. By incorporating advanced security features, Pearl is taking a significant step forward in protecting our brand and our customers from the dangers of counterfeit products," said Isac Newton, plant manager of Pearl’s largest of three UAE-based production sites.

He added, "Counterfeit polyurethane products and systems not only compromise the safety and performance of applications but also fall short of meeting the stringent sustainability standards Pearl has set. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is at the core of our operations, ensuring our products contribute to a sustainable future. Counterfeits, lacking these considerations, pose a significant threat to our collective efforts to protect the planet and meet net-zero targets. Launching these tamper-proof labels is the latest step taken by Pearl to enhance the reputation of PU as the superior insulation material, enabling our customers and end-users to be confident in the high sustainability and quality standards of the product on-site and across its many applications."

The launch of these labels is also bringing transparency, trackability and traceability to Pearl’s customers. Jameer Hasan, plant manager of Pearl’s Saudi Arabia plant in Jeddah, explained, “Being able to track each and every single drum of our polyurethane systems and products is vital for our customers as it ensures transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain. This capability not only enhances safety by allowing for the quick identification and recall of any specific drums or batches that may be compromised, but also supports regulatory compliance and quality control. For Pearl, it's about providing our customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly where their products come from and that they adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety.”

Introducing tamper-proof labels is the latest step in Pearl’s ongoing efforts to enhance product security and trust, further establishing the company as a global leader in the polyurethane industry.


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