12. Apr 2024

Holistic Solutions For Polyurethane Upcycling

Holistic Solutions For Polyurethane Upcycling

Tailor-made recycled polyols / Chemical processes and multifunctional recycling plants for post-consumer and industrial residues (Rampf at UTECH 2024)

More recycling polyol, less CO2: RAMPF Eco Solutions is presenting high-quality recycled polyols together with chemical processes and multifunctional plants for the upcycling of polyurethane residues at the UTECH 2024 trade show from April 23 to 25 in Maastricht, Netherlands – Booth C30.

Customized recycled polyols

Recycled polyols developed and produced by RAMPF Eco Solutions meet the highest quality standards. The made-to-measure systems RECYPOL® (ether and ester polyols based on polyurethane materials), PETOL® (ester polyols based on PET or PSA), and biopolyols (based on renewable raw materials) are used worldwide in a multitude of applications, including the automotive, aerospace, construction, electrical/electronics, energy technology, filter, household appliance, medical technology, rail, ship, and wood/furniture industries.

Innovative chemical recycling processes for high-quality products and significantly improved CO2 footprint

Recycled polyols are obtained from industrial and post-consumer residues such as PU insulation materials, used mattresses, furniture, car and motorcycle seats, as well as fitness and leisure articles. The polyurethane is broken down into recycled polyols using innovative solvolysis processes (glycolysis, acidolysis, and polyolysis). The RAMPF polyols are at the very least comparable with polyols otherwise obtained from fossil raw materials, both in terms of quality and technical properties; they can therefore be used directly in the production process for new products. A further benefit – recycled polyols exhibit a significantly improved CO2 footprint.

RAMPF Eco Solutions based in Pirmasens, Germany, has also developed chemical processes that enable PET/PSA, other polyesters (PLA, PC, PHB), and renewable or bio-based raw materials such as vegetable oils to be used as feedstock for the manufacture of recycled polyols.

Multifunctional plants for the manufacture of recycled polyols

RAMPF Eco Solutions is the market-leading partner for the design, development, and construction of multifunctional plants for the manufacture of customized recycled polyols using polyurethane waste materials, PET/PSA, polyesters such as PLA and PHB, as well as biomonomers. The plants allow customers to manufacture their own polyols onsite, which can then be fed directly back into the production process.

For this, RAMPF Eco Solutions combines its many years of experience both in developing innovative chemical solutions and in industrial plant construction – the result is a unique proposition for the market. Leading plastics producers from Belgium, Germany, France, Russia, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates are using these cutting-edge multifunctional recycling plants.

Visit RAMPF at UTECH 2024, April 23 to 25, Maastricht, Netherlands – Booth C30.


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